It’s a rough spot….

Sometimes there are rough spots. It seems that the Fall of 2016 to present for me is a rough spot. Illnesses… near death experiences of loved ones… conflicting priorities of family… inability to communicate clearly… to hear or be heard by people whom you value most. It’s a rough spot. And it hurts. And it is part of life. And I will get through it. With the help of my family… my God…  my friends who I can count on without fail.  It’s just a rough spot. One of the things I learned well before I “got kicked out of church” was we are always either entering a storm, in the midst of a storm, or coming out of a storm. And God is always with us in any of those circumstances. So here is to coming out of this one…. soon, please, k? I hope you all know you are never alone in the storm no matter how lonely it feels.