My hero…

She was/is everything to me. I needed a new journal today and I remembered seeing a “composition book” tucked away in some of her belongings that i have… I pulled the box off the closet shelf and the book out… this was in it… a photo of my mom… my hero… at near the same age as I am now. I don’t remember this being in her stuff before… I have looked at that composition book a hundred times since January 4th. I see me all over this photo. This is my face… that is my smile… those are my eyes… my long legs and short torso. That’s what I would look like if you put the shoulder pads of the 80s on my body today.

I miss her SO much. I could tell you so much about why miss her so much. But today she showed up in my printer closet… stood beside me and reminded me she has taught me everything I need to know. For now, that is enough. I love you, Mom. So very many muches.