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A 5k is approximately 3 miles…  3.10685 actually, but titling the post “3.10685 Miles” would not fit in with the theme of this blog, now would it?  So 3 miles is close enough for me.

Anyway, last year – 2010 – I made a New Years Resolution.  I decided I would run a 5k in 2010.  Why I made this resolution is a mystery to me.  Maybe because the father of the things (my husband) is/was a runner at the time.  (He has since blown out a disc in his back and cannot run for the time being, but I am pretty sure eventually he will be back in his running shoes on his treadmill driving me crazy at 6:30 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.) Maybe because the year before, after losing my mother in law to a freak heart episode, I started having some heart issues of my own.  I knew that if I want to stay around to see my grandthings one day I had better start taking better care of myself.  Whatever the reason, I decided this would be the year that “I became a runner.”  You see, prior to this decision the only time you would have seen me run was if someone chased me and that rarely happened.  The thought of running 10 minutes without stopping was crazy to me, much less 30.

So in January of 2010 I started my journey and I did well once I found the Couch to 5k program….  and podcasts that told me how long to run and how long to walk…  and running shoes….  and running clothes….  and found the time to run….  and made sure that the things were taken care of when I ran….  and got over my bout with seasonal allergies…  and got everyone over stomach bugs and strep throat… and …. and…  and…  Ok, so in August of 2010 I started my journey to become a runner.  Seriously, that is the eighth month of the year.  That was EIGHT months after I made the resolution and December was approaching fast! 

I dont know why I was resolute to honor this resolution.  I had made resolutions in the past that I had not honored.  Why should this one be different?  But I started to run.  Shortly, maybe a month or two after, was when I went to the doctor for a physical and learned that my cholesterol which had been questionably high probably since I was in college (thanks, genes!), after running faithfully for only 8 weeks had dropped 40 points.  I could not stop then!  If it had done that, what else would it do to me?  Maybe I could start to age backward?

So in December of 2010 I ran the Jingle Bell Run 5k in Lincolnton.  I walked for maybe 30 seconds during the whole thing!  When I crossed that finish line it was as if I had just finished the Boston Marathon. 

  1. I cried.
  2. I laughed. 
  3. I patted myself on the back. 

Not only had I finished a 5k and my health was all the better for it, I had actually completed the first New Years Resolution ever.

So here is encouragement and advice to my Couch to 5K friends:

  1. Do the program, it works.
  2. Dont worry if it takes you longer than the 9-10 weeks that the program is supposed to be…  it took me a YEAR.
  3. Go out and enjoy the sunshine and the fact that your body can indeed be more healty!  You are worth it!

In 2011 I have two goals…  those are to compete in The Crazy Mudder and run the Jingle Bell Run again.  In 2012 I would love to do The Cooper River 10k…  we will see if it is in the cards!

Please comment and let me know if you are in the process of doing the Couch to 5k program, are looking into doing it, or are a graduate!  I would love to know how many other used to be couch potatoes are running buddies!