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Over the past few months I have had a major change in my life. I left my church of nearly 10 years. Why is not so important, because doing it was required of me to make some changes in my relationship with God. You see, the last few years I have been asleep spiritually. Why? I am not sure. I could place blame, but in reality, it was me who closed her eyes and let myself nod and then fall into a deep slumber. In my dreams going through the motions of being awake and doing what the Lord wanted me to do, but knowing that it was a dream and something was not quite right. You know those dreams? The ones where a long since passed away loved one is in it, but you know that person is dead and it doesn’t make sense?

In the last few months I have been waking up. Groggy at first. Needing a cup of coffee and the morning news to bring me fully awake. Slowly opening my eyes to what God has in store for me. I have been searching for Him. I have been straining to hear his voice from under the cobwebs of my sleepy brain. I have been trying to wake, but pushing the snooze button in spite of myself. I know what I need to do, but the sleep is much more powerful than my will to overcome it. I need to spend time with God. I need to talk to him, but more importantly I need to SHUT UP and let him talk to me. I need “quiet time” with my maker.

Knowing that, last night I stumbled upon a challenge on one of my favorite blogger’s sites…. She is “The Nester” and I have had a blog crush on her for years. Hers is mainly a decorating blog, but every October she does a 31 Day challenge. Last year she had eight other bloggers join in with her on their own blogs writing daily for the month of October on a topic dear to their hearts. This year she has invited anyone who wants to join in to do so as well.

So with that introduction I will say that, as of October 1, I will begin to share with you what I find during my daily “quiet time” with my God. I will do this because I need someone human to hold me accountable. I will do this because I know that it is important for me to grow my relationship with Jesus. Sometimes, I imagine, I will have what I feel are great revelations… others I am sure will be struggles. I will share what I can with you in hopes that it encourages you to take some quiet time in your own life. Maybe you are Christian and that time will be with the God that I believe in. Maybe you are not and you just need time to still your mind and empty its contents of things that are toxic to you or reflect on your blessings. Maybe you need the time for both. I just know in this crazy, fast-moving world that we live in we all need time where we seek an inner peace. For me that is communing with Jesus and I plan to do it daily for 31 days! (And I hope for many more after!)

Day 1