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It was day one of the 31 Days of Quiet Time I had committed to and we had our first fight. I am on the board of directors for what will become a transitional house for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and we were having a yard sale on Saturday. I woke up and knew I would not be able to fit my quiet time with God during a walk that day and thought that laying there in bed was the best time to do it. He and I had a nice little conversation about where the stickers I needed to be able to use the county dump were and then we progressed to other topics…. like me washing my hair.

God is into my appearance. Or at least how dirty my hair is. I hate washing my hair. It is thick and relatively long and takes what seems like days to dry. So, I generally only wash it every three or so days. (Which seems completely in line with the name of my blog, dontcha think?) I don’t remember when I had washed my hair prior to Saturday, but I was going to be working a YARD SALE. What was up with the clean hair? I would get there earlier if I didn’t wash my hair. Surely they needed me to help the sooner the better. But, no, He insisted that I wash my hair and seeing as I am on this new quest to be closer to Him (rolling eyes) I did indeed wash my hair.

When you really start listening to what God has to say and commit to some level of obedience to what He asks, He asks you to do some really crazy things. Not things like selling everything and moving to the mission field, not even becoming a Sunday School teacher, not even attending a church service every week. Things like washing your hair. Picking up a still wiggling worm that is going to die on the sidewalk and throwing it back into the grass. Picking up a feather and giving it to your mom because “she will know why.” Putting a leaf you found into a frame and presenting it to your son “because I said so and I am God.”

And God doesn’t speak in “thees” and “thous” and words ending with “th”-es when he talks to you. Let me tell you about my conversations – what I am finding are actually my PRAYERS – are like.

God: Pick up that worm and throw him in the grass.

Me: Ew. It’s a worm. (continue walking) Really? Are you sure?

God: Um, yes, I am God.

Me: ~backtrack and pick up the gross worm that wiggles so much it takes me three tries and throw it in the grass.~

God: See, didnt that feel good?

Me: ~eye roll~

Seriously, these are my conversations. I am hoping to get out the worm picking up stage of obedience training in the near future. Of course, I am a little afraid what I will be asked to obey after that so maybe I will save a few more worms in the meantime.

P.S. I still don’t know where those stickers are. Along with everything else about God, he is all about a sense of humor and wild goose chases. 😉