1. It’s hard to commit and then follow through in doing things that God calls you to do.
  2. It is hard to commit and then follow through in blogging about doing what God calls you to do.
  3. Today I release myself.  Not from the committment to do what God called me to do, but from the committment to write about it every day for 31 days. 

Ever since the church upheaval in my life I have made an intentional effort to live my life more intentionally.  I have made the decision to say no to things unless God directly tells me to do them.  I will no longer waste my time doing things because no one else will do them.  I will no longer say yes to things until God tells me that yes is the right answer.  I have spent too many hours of too many years doing things that God did not tell me to all under the misconception that if He didn’t want me doing them He would get me out.  It was all, after all, God’s work.  But let me tell you something…  if Satan can’t make you bad he will make you busy. AND, he will make you busy with stuff that you were not called to do because that will start the building of the wall between you and God. 

I think I have spent a lot of time believing that God is going to want me to do things that I don’t want to do.  It’s all to test and try me.  But, if God loves me as much as the Bible teaches me He does, why would he only give me things to do that vex my soul?  He wouldn’t.  I know, I know…  You could use the whole Moses speech impediment story to argue against what I seem to be saying.  But, I am not falling for it.  God wants to use me where he can BEST use me.  The problem is that when you are busy doing what He didn’t call you to do you get in the way of finding that place.  You get all resentful and really desperate…  knowing that there is more out there and wondering if it is ever going to be there for you to do.  Wondering if *this* is as good as it gets.

It’s not, my friends.  It gets better and better if you just get all the junk out of the way and let it.  If you quiet your mind…  clear the house of it…  and let go!  Dont do just because no one else will.  Dont do because it SOUNDS like something you should do.  Just don’t DO until you take time to “pray about it.”  (A cop-out often used by those who can’t say no so it has gotten a bad rap.)  If you are quiet enough and listen, I am pretty sure you will hear the right answer which is not always the one that the world would want you to hear.

So, with that, I am released.  I am pretty sure that knowing I am released will make this blogging thing that much easier.  Have a great day and spend some of it quieting your soul!