When you picture Jesus what do you see?

Do you see this?

Or do you see this?

My natural coping mechanism is sleeping.  I get stressed, I sleep.  I get worried, I sleep.  I get angry, I sleep.  So sleeping spiritually should not have been a surprise to me.  Somewhere along the way, I got this picture of an angry Jesus in my head.  A Jesus who batted me about the head with my sins.  That held every transgression against me.  That rained down bad things on me because I was not good enough to even wash his feet.  What an awful vision to have of Jesus.  If he was going to be an angry savior then it was better for me to hide from him in slumber than to be awake and subject to his wrath. 

Since my “awakening” I have realized that, though Jesus does look like the first picture at times, that is not the Jesus that he wants to be to his children.  God gets angry because people refuse to draw near him, but he is slow to anger to the point he did when he turned the tables over in the temple.  God made us for fellowship with him.  He walked with Adam and Eve…  by their sides.  That is what he wants to do with us.  That is why Jesus died for us.  He doesn’t want to needle us with our transgressions.  Sure, he is going to point out where we fall short so that we can improve.  BUT, he is a LOVING God and he wants us to live life abundantly!

According to my belief system I believe that if you have accepted Jesus as your savior you CAN walk side by side with God just as Adam and Eve did.  Well, except they may have been able to see them, which is a bummer.  Silly Eve.  He wants to talk to you about anything and everything.  He doesn’t want to batter you around the ears with your sins.  Sure, there are times you will disappoint him.  Don’t your human friends sometimes disappoint you?  You don’t berate them and then write them off, do you?  Well, neither does God.

God is a LOVING God.  Noun.

Now, what does it mean to be loving God?  Verb.