I am an elbow flapper at most. Until recently we had been visiting a church where the majority were in the “Expert” category. My husband is not even an elbow flapper… I felt very self conscious with my arms to the sides or folded across my chest… like people must be thinking that I was too closed off to feel the holy spirit. When I realized this I sat down…. I sang the music and worshipped in my own way. That is my business and I dont have to fit in a mold. Several days later I was listening to hymns on Pandora jamming out and dancing around my kitchen. I realized that God expects me to worship how he created me to worship. What a freeing feeling! I dont see me doing anything beyond my elbow flapping during a worship service in a church, but that doesnt mean I am not worshipping just the same. Praise Jesus who sees what our heart looks like when we worship rather than our outward movements!

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Chief of the least

I’ve seen this snazzy little hilarious diagram floatin’ around the internetz this past week. For context: I grew up in a traditional Baptist church, currently attend a charismatic Methodist church body, and I follow the ministries of many Reformed Presbyterian guys. For reasons I may explain in another post, I loosely consider myself a “charismatic with a seat-belt.” I have seen, or can empathize with, all the “worship signals” in this model. I got a chuckle out of the Baptist warning at the bottom.

These signals are all courtesy of the brilliant comedic mind of Tim Hawkins. Here is my favorite skit of his. It’s a classic in my book:

Other body signals I have witnessed in my respective worship experiences: The Gaither family toe tap (has been known to cause turf toe in Southern Baptists). The reverse Running Man Pentecostal jig (has been known to be 2 Legit 2…

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