I know, I know….  how boring.  These things ROCK.  I am not in the category of runner who needs full length compression socks/sleeves yet.  But I have spent 40+ years on my feet and would like to be able to stay on them for the next 40+ years.  Plantar Faciitis seems to be rampant in my age group so when I started hearing about it and how it has taken avid runners out of the game for months at the time, I decided I needed to find a product to protect me from being one of those taken down.  Enter cf6 compression foot sleeves.  I ordered them and waited impatiently for them to arrive.  They happened to show up after I had taken a long walk through the neighborhood.  My feet were not in pain, but they certainly were used.  I slipped these suckers on and WOW they felt great!  Now I am training for a half marathon and wear them on all my long runs.  So far my feet are holding up well.

Anyone want to try them?  I have two pair to give away. Just click below follow the directions!

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