Apparently, I did so well yesterday that people who were not aware of my blog were eagerly awaiting some kind of words of wisdom today.  They failed to realize that prior to yesterday the last time I wrote an entry on this blog was over a year ago.  So, wisdom hits me about once every 13 months….  Lower your expectations, people.

So, what can I tell you?  What does “getting locked out of my gym clothes” mean?  Well, apparently Art class is in the “lower school.”  (It seems that Lincoln Charter School is taking  lesson from the private K through 12 schools and is now calling the K through 6 building a “lower school” which is fine with me because my early education was in a private school that had a lower and upper school AND was the reason I chose to send my kids to LCS…  nostalgia is a powerful thing.)  When the last kid in your class leaves the lower school to head to the upper school to go to gym class in the upper school the lower school doors lock….  if your gym clothes are in the lower school that is where their home is until your mother goes to school on Friday for Track Attack and checks the lost and found for them.  He was “locked out of his gym clothes”, DUH.

Why do I know all this?  Because this conversation was proof that he went to the link I sent him and read what I wrote.  This is how we communicate… its a nod…  its a subtle comment about something that has to do with something I wrote…  it is a giggle at something that I say that has something to do with something I wrote.  Its rarely something direct.  Never an answer to “what do you feel about that?”  It is sometimes very satisfying…  other times not so much.

Boys are weird.  As much as Thing 2 is like me he is still a boy.  There is something in that DNA that makes his mode of communication different than mine.  But I know he hears….  I know his brothers hear.  I will master them…  I will break them….  They are FASCINATING.  How do they go off like fire crackers one moment and all is well the next?  I want to learn to be like them but wonder if it is in my DNA to ever do that.

Anyway, I seriously wonder why you are reading this other than I sucked you in yesterday.  I will try my best to be prolific again before the next 13 months go by but I used to be a “project manager” for a start up software company…  I am quite good at managing expectations, so don’t be disappointed.

I also thank you for reading this.  If I make one of you feel better about what is going on in your universe it was worth the time it took me to throw it into cyberspace.  We are a village ya’ll and we are all just muddling through with the information we have.  I am pretty sure I cried for three days when I realized my mom wasn’t all knowing when I turned 13.  She is a really good faker.  I hope I am as talented.