I am joining the Facebook November thankfulness and posting what I am thankful for each day.  I decided I kind of want to be able to see it all in one place so I am going to compile all the days in a blog post.  I will update it each day and at the end of the month will have a lovely remembrance of all I have thought of to be thankful for over the month.

Nov. 1 – I am thankful that either by chance or choices I am in a position that I can give to others in need both materially and monetarily.  I am ever aware of that blessing and that there are many out there right now who cannot.  I do not take it for granted.

Nov. 2 – I am thankful for a mother who taught me how to make the decisions and choices that have brought me to where I am today.  Again, ever aware of how fortunate I am to have been raised by such a strong and smart woman and I thank God for her daily.

Nov. 3 – I am thankful for Moms RUN This Town because without starting the Denver, NC Moms RUN This Town chapter I would never have met my running partner and friend, Jennifer James Terry.  She has encouraged me and pushed me through many a training run and finally on the 23rd we will run a half marathon together.  SHE makes me a better person, both on the road and off.

Nov. 4 – I am thankful for compression wear.  Compression foot sleeves and now compression for my right knee that decided it didn’t like me when I chose to run rather than rest yesterday…  your body always gets the last word…  rest and let it heal or rest longer and let it heal.

Nov. 5 –  I am thankful for my “oaks.”  You know who you are and I love you dearly.  Whether we are together daily or yearly or once a decade, you mean the world to me.  I a…m not a thoughtful person…  I don’t do the being a friend thing as well as I would like, but you still put up with me and love me and come to my rescue when I need you.  God brought us together for a reason.  I would be lost without you.


Nov. 6 – Here you go, Kimberly Dodson…  a complaint couched as a thankful post…  Today I am thankful for a husband who has very low expectations when it comes to birthday plans and presents.  That man is impossible to shop for and totally impossible to surprise.  Once…  I have surprised him ONCE with a gift in 20 years.  Friday is his birthday and according to Thing 2 we are celebrating by “going to Raleigh and partying like it is 1965.”  *shrug*

Nov. 7 – Today I am thankful that somehow I have raised a teen who after looking at the basketball roster and being asked if there was anyone on there that shouldn’t be, looked at me, nodded, but maintained the integrity of not naming any names….  I wish his mother was so mature.  (He also DID name names of kids he thought SHOULD have made the team….  none of which were him.)

Nov. 18 – today I am thankful that I am NOT a bird owner.  I am thankful for the bird owners out there that actually like birds.  You are all special people….  a little nuts, but special.

Nov. 19 – Today I am thankful for the new marketing department at KMart.  First the shipping of pants and now this for a morning giggle.


Nov. 20 –  I suppose it would be shallow if I said today I was thankful for Adam Levine?

Nov. 20 – (serious thankful post) Today I am thankful for my health.  It makes it possible to run after I have had a frustrating start to the day…  after that the day is all turned around and open to possibility.  I pray that I maintain this ability for decades to come.  I do not take this gift for granted.

Nov. 22 – Today I am thankful for the forgiveness of my children.  Mommy can go bat poop crazy on them in the morning and they forgive me before we hit the bus stop.  I so hope I am not scarring them any more than any other normal human….   at least they will have good stories to tell while sitting on the therapist’s couch.