I was cleaning out my over 10,000 emails in my inbox today and came across this…  I didn’t know I needed it, but I did.  So often I am beside myself with one of my children.  I was beside myself with one of them and sent an email to one of his teachers a few years ago…  This is what she wrote back.  I have kept the email in my inbox because sometimes I just need it.  Sometimes I need it for the hard times with the kids.  Sometimes with my husband.  Sometimes with any other person who happens to be passing by me on any given day.  This teacher has such good advice.  I am very happy that she came into my life.  I wanted to share her words here because then I can have them to access for times to come and not have to happen upon them while cleaning out an email inbox filled with SPAM…  because this is NOT SPAM….  this is GOLD.


Take a deep breath….its ok.  There are bigger things in life to fret about.  God wired your son just the way he is… and He gave him to
you as your son and He gave him you as his mom for a very specific reason.  Nothing is by accident- its ALL about God’s plan.

You are a FABULOUS mom and he is a FABULOUS kid.  What is the most important thing??…relationships.  I fuss at him when he doesn’t have his work…I give him grace and then at times I don’t, but always I love him.  Academically, I am not worried about him at all.  He gets it…does he always do his best??? No…but he is just growing up. One day, he will be all grown up and he will go to work and do great things because it is important to him.  Right now this school stuff just isn’t at the top of his list and its ok.   I hope you understand
where I am coming from…school is important, following the rules, doing all your work, all that stuff is important BUT you only get today…today. There are NO do overs with your time with your kids.
SAVOR the moments, cherish the time. Give it to the LORD- He has the
instruction manual.  He will guide you in how to deal with your son, after all He did design him.

OK… this is the tough part, from my heart….Life is too short. Pick your battles. He is not failing.  It has to be important to him and one day it will be.

I wish I would have spent more time playing,
listening, dreaming and talking with my son than trying to fix him to be the “student” that I thought and others made me think he should have been.  He was just wired different…I should have talked to the Lord more about how to handle him.

I hope you receive this with all the love I feel for you and your family.  I will be praying for you to receive your PEACE from God.