First read this…  How to Get into Harvard.  Someone posted it on Facebook and since the oldest thing wants to go to a university with pretty low acceptance rates, I figured the same advice for Harvard should be applicable to the one he is looking at.  Then I got about four paragraphs in and read this…
Faust’s top tip for raising a Harvard man or woman: “Make your children interesting!”
I am troubled by this “make your children interesting” comment. That, my dear child, is up to you not me. You live with me and are a part of me so you will inevitably be interesting… at least to me. If you have ideas of how to be more interesting to the admissions people, I will whole heartedly support you within reason, but I will not actively “make” you interesting.

I am fascinated with college admission hysteria 25+ years after I applied for college. I am pretty sure my mom didn’t even know I was applying for college.  It was assumed I was applying to universities as the question in our house was always “Where are you going to college?” not “Are you going to college?” I am pretty sure she knew where I was applying since it had been established it would be a in state public university due to monetary constraints. But, help???? Psssssstttt… um, no. And that wasn’t because she didn’t care, I am sure she just knew I was going to do it because that was an expectation she had set long before some pretty tumultuous high school years. Would she have helped? Sure if I asked, but I didn’t ask that I recall. I probably even paid for the application fees with my DA Kelly’s paycheck…. before I was fired… woot woot for early admission!!

I am not sure I am going to make it through the college prep high school years of these boys without having an ulcer of my own if I fall for the hysteria. Today I start letting it go… they have to make their own way and they know how to do it. They attend a school where college acceptance is highly stressed and scholarship opportunities are many.  They can research like I never could have. They can read the articles and figure out how to make themselves stand out, but this college deal needs to be their thing guided by, but not performed by, wise adults. Will I help? Absolutely. Will I “make them interesting?” I think that is probably happening without an awful lot of effort on my part. Have you seen my facebook feed???

Now I am going to go breathe into a paper bag and drink some Mylanta.