#1. In North Carolina summer humidity 9:45 miles become 10:45 miles regardless how hard you push yourself. Hopefully this will translate to 9 minute miles in the fall.

#2. A phone call from the orthodontist can be as good of an excuse as any to walk when you are supposed to be running. Coming up with lots of questions while catching your breath will lead to a longer phone call which will lead to walking longer.

#3. “Til I Collapse” by Eminem can make that walk break seem like an easy way out and convince you maybe you can run that last half mile… still at that darn 10:45 pace.

#4. A Bondiband wrapped around your hand can suffice as a snot and sweat rag when your Handana is in the wash.

#5. No one in my neighborhood has their sprinklers on between 9 am and 10 am. Consider this my request that SOMEONE turn your sprinklers on during that time. You can run through them with me!

#6. I am a new person after I run regardless of what the temperature and humidity is.