Two of the three Things will be teens come October so I read the article What a Teenage Boy Needs From a Mom with great interest.  Last night I was sound asleep when #1 came to bed… in his usual fashion he came in to tell me goodnight. I act like I hate it, him waking me up, but secretly I wouldn’t have it any other way and hope he never stops doing it. He asked if I wanted to come lay in his bed. Well…. duh, YES! And you know why the enthusiastic YES? Because if he asks this it means he is going to TALK to me. See, he’s a good kid. A great kid, actually. But, much like his daddy, he doesn’t say much. So, I groggily got up and trekked to his room and crawled into his bed and we spent the next hour talking. Most nothing of importance.  He is addicted to some worthless trivia app on his phone and he had to tell me all about everything he learned from it yesterday.  Most of his sentences started with “Did you know?” followed by stuff like “If you lined up every Chinese person single file you would be lining them up forever because they are repopulating dso quickly?”  This time though was such an unexpected late night gift. Moments to make us closer. Moments that will be forever stored in my memory as he grows into the man he will become. I hope he will remember those times too and hold them in his own heart… maybe he won’t, even so, I will remember them always.

I am not sure how the two are related – the article and the tale of my night with a 14 year old. But I guess maybe, the evening was some confirmation that maybe I am doing something right.