Originally for October I was going to write daily about Operation Christmas child.  I wrote the first post, posted it to the blog and immediately took it down.  Its way too much pressure to make that commitment.  My Fall and Winter are absolutely crazy.  It starts with #3’s birthday at the end of September and activities every weekend do not end until the Superbowl in February.  So, I decided to drop that challenge.  I have to do continual checks of my priorities and, though Operation Christmas Child is very close to my heart and I will be hosting a shoe box packing party in November, writing about it is not high enough on my list to commit to that.

So when I logged into WordPress today and looked at blogs I follow and this jumped out at me.

Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page?

Now that seems like the kind of mindless blog that I want to write while I should be packing for a trip we are taking tomorrow.  The closest book to me is Run Less, Run Faster.  Page 29 is a Table 2.1 – “Race Prediction Table.”  Page 29 is actually some times slower than I intend to finish Thunder Road next month, but the topic of a goal time has been on my mind a lot lately.