Hey, so you know that “marathon” (said with air quotes and a Chris Farley voice) that I said I was doing a while back?  Well…  it seems that time is passing by and, well, its only 16 days away.  What?  Time really should have stood still a little for me, but it didn’t and here I am a little over two weeks from Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon.  So imagine my delight in serendipity when Lindsey Fisher posted that she would be heading up a 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge over on Facebook.  How sweet of her to know that my eating has probably been less than clean as of late.  I mean, when you run 20 miles at a time beer and burgers taste sooooooo good and then there are the extra zillion calories I have available to me.  And the Rungries…  do you know how hungry you are AFTER you run that many miles?  Like for DAYS? If there is a bag of chips available when the rungries hit…  they are mine.   I guess she knew I needed some accountability in my life to maybe feel a little better while and after running 26.2 stupid miles.  (I decided in training that running anything over about 13.1 is just stupid…  utterly DUMB.)

So, I am in.  Starting on Monday….  November 3.  Ya wanna do it with me?  You can read about it in this article – The Simple Elimination Diet That Could Change Your Life Forever.  I will be doing something a little different as I generally eat Paleo so legumes are out for me.  I think I will trade them for eggs.

Its only for 7 days. You can do anything for 7 days.

Come on…  join me.  It’ll be FUN.