I woke up and could not have coffee. I tried Chai tea.  I hated the world.

I had seriously NOTHING in the house to eat for breakfast.  I was supposed to have eggs and spinach.  I had a Larabar and a banana.

I went to Costco.  I dropped some serious cash on things that were not food on the list (still healthy…  I eat clean anyway) and other consumables.  I still needed to go to the grocery store.  I got hungry before I could get home.  I had a blueberry muffin Lara Bar.

I made a salad for lunch.  Romaine, carrots, cherry tomato, olives, avocado, almonds, and canned salmon with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

I coached Running Club, came home, and made another salad much like that above for dinner.

I went to bed at 8:15.

I found that, based on the parameters of the Paleo diet I have adopted, I eat pretty well and definitely “clean”most of the time.  I found I don’t care for measuring portions and probably will not do that for this seven days.  If a serving and a half of Romaine lettuce makes me less healthy I will be surprised.  My being so tired I wanted to cry at 8:00 and head ache I woke up with this morning made me realize how very addicted to caffeine I am.

On to day 2…