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Today starts a new Whole 30 for me.  Actually, it will be a whole 12 with an anniversary weekend away where I am not going to follow all the rules, and then another whole 12 after that…  or maybe I will do all 30 after that. I am not set to any set of absolutes. Regardless, it is time to get this body back in gear in the eating department.  So, here is my plan for the week.  Hope it helps you if you are looking for some ideas for meals.  I am just going to provide the plans for the dinner meals for the week right now.  I usually eat leftovers for lunch the following day so there is very little planning I do for that.

Monday: Chocolate Chili from The Clothes Make the Girl

Tuesday: Pork Tenderloin from Against All Grain (minus the maple syrup, but I may replace it with date puree)

Wednesday:  We continue our tradition of going to Sports Page.  I will have steamed shrimp with a side salad, no croutons, no cheese and oil and vinegar for dressing.  NO BEER.

Thursday: Balsamic Roast Beef from Paleo Leap (minus the red wine – replaced with stock)

Friday:  Whatever we have left over all thrown into a pot with more veggies for a soup of some kind!  My 10 year old loves it when I do that.

Today I will also be making “You’re The Top” Tuna Salad from The Clothes Make the Girl (although, I do take some liberties) which will also require me to make Olive Oil Mayonnaise beforehand.  I make it with apple cider vinegar rather than lemon juice and I think it tastes just like Duke’s!   The tuna salad is for Scott to take to work with him with a baked sweet potato, but sometimes if left overs get low it becomes my lunch too.

So that is it.  Dinners for the week.  Pretty simple.  I will probably add some simple steamed vegetables with the pork loin and the roast beef and that will be it!