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Angela Gribbins, Broker/Realtor®

I have had several requests for the recipe for the boiled shrimp that my darling husband missed out on last night because he was chatting it up with his golf buddies at Midtown.  So, I thought I would oblige.  However, there really isn’t a recipe.  I think Mom’s boiled shrimp are made while in a certain state of mind…  a beach state of mind even when you are inland.  When she makes them my sister and I want to drink the water that they are boiled in before the shrimp ever go in to boil.  There isn’t anything very special about the water or what is in it…  I think it just takes us back to a simple time in life when summers were full of sand and salt air. 


Anyway, absent of that state of mind I can tell you the technicalities of making the shrimp peppered with…

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