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School starts tomorrow…  Oh, the promise of a new school year.  This year I will do it right.  Riiiiiiiight.  Like that’s going to happen.  But the promise is still there…  this week anyway.

So here is my plan for the week.

Monday – Whatever is in the fridge.  Scott is out of town Monday night so I will have a salad and the boys will have whatever else is in the fridge.

Tuesday – Bam Burgers and potato wedges.  I am getting back on my paleo band wagon so I will be having my burger with no bun or cheese.  If I get a little crazy I might pick up some portobello mushroom caps to use as buns.  (Click on the Bam Burger link for Emeril’s awesome burgers.)

Wednesday – Sports Page night, duh.

Thursday – Cilantro Peach Grilled Chicken with something green…  maybe something grilled and green since I will be using the grill anyway.  You will have to page down a bit to get the recipe, but it is there.  I haven’t made it before, but it sure does sound good!

And that is it, ’cause I don’t meal plan for weekends.  Plus we are AD/DC bound on Friday….  I plan to have lobsta chowda in Boston.