Today is the first day of school.  My first born’s first day as a sophomore.  Second’s first day as a freshman.  Third’s first day as a fifth grader.  Time has gone so very fast.

#1 has a year of high school under his belt…  he knows some of the ropes and seems confident returning to school.  Last night he seemed way more concerned about #2 knowing where his classes were than knowing where his own were.  I love how he worries about his brothers and cares about them.  I hope he always cares that much.  I also love that he is so focused.  He sees something he wants, makes a plan and follows that plan until he achieves his goal.  But even when being so focused he doesn’t forget the human element.  He loves his family and his friends deeply.

wpid-20150817_073445.jpg#2 is now going into a new adventure.  He didn’t seem nervous.  I guess that is a perk of going to a school that is kindergarten through high school.  Same friends for the most part so that unknown is taken out of the equation.  He is hoping for more challenge in the new year.  Hoping that he gets teachers that see he WANTS to learn and let him go as fast as he can.  I hope his love for absorbing knowledge never ends.  I love that he seriously knows something about just about everything because he has heard it, or read it, or deduced it from something else he has heard or read.  I love that he loves math and science and history and literature.  I love that he wants to go see “Straight Out of Compton.”  Probably for the historical content…  and that it is rated R for just about every reason it should be.

wpid-20150817_073406.jpg#3’s main concern is when he is going to read and what to do at the end of the day because he is going to be a car rider this year and has never done pick up before.  When is lunch and who is going to be sitting at my table?  He is all about the party, but knows how to get the work out of the way so he CAN party.  Hmmmmm….  not sure where he got that from. I love that he makes lemonade out of EVERYTHING.  (Figuratively, though he has started eating lemons like oranges and it kind of makes me worry about his tooth enamel.)  This kid might be sad or mad but it only lasts a minute and he has found the silver lining.  I hope he is always that way.  I hope the world never takes that away from him.  He is truly full of joy.


My goal for this school year concerning this blog is to write for me.  I may very well bore the daylights out of you, but it is me who needs to start putting words and thoughts to these life events.  Time goes by so very fast and I feel that I am losing some of the memories that I desperately want to bottle up and save.

So, happy new school year, ya’ll!  Let’s do this thing!