H.P. Lovecraft?  Have you heard of him?  Have you heard of “The Call Of Cthulhu?”  Probably not unless you are at the very top of the Geek hierarchy or have a thirteen year old who is.  Seems we went to Barnes and Noble sometime in the last year or so and they were having some kind of sale…  buy one get one?  Something.  Anyway, #2 wanted The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and since he was getting that he didn’t want to waste whatever the deal was so he picked up an anthology of short stories by H.P. Lovecraft.  Hitchhikers Guide still isn’t finished…  but now we have two Lovecraft books with all the same stories in them.  I was forced to read the first couple, but now I might be as hooked as he is.  I am currently in the midst of “At the Mountains of Madness” which is rumored to be being made into a major motion picture by Guillermo del Toro.

ACDC?  I know you have heard of them.  Or you have a thirteen year old that has and wants to be Angus Young when he grows up (and be able to play the guitar with his TIE…  yep…  Angus can play his freaking guitar WITH HIS NECK TIE!).  And he knows that Bon Scott died from “misadventure.”  Seriously, that is what it says on his death certificate.  We spent a year checking the ACDC web site waiting not very patiently for them to announce tour dates….  when they did we jumped on it and bought tickets to their very first American stop.  Boston.

Is it possible to put those seemingly unrelated interests together??  Certainly it is if serendipity is on your side. Just so happens that Providence, Rhode Island is actually CLOSER to Gillette Stadium than Boston proper is.  Guess whose hometown Providence is?  Uh huh…  Lovecraft.  Guess what happened to be happening in Providence, Rhode Island the very same day as the ACDC concert in Foxboro????  Yep, NecronomiCon.  a.k.a., a convention for Lovecraft fans and all thing weird fiction.

#2 with Lovecraft at Necronomicon

#2 with Lovecraft at Necronomicon

So, we traveled to Boston on Friday night and had lobsta on the habah and got up the next morning and drove to Providence and spent the whole day looking an weird fiction paraphernalia and listening to panels of geeks talk about fictional ancient forbidden texts and Lovecraftian horror movies. And what did we do after that?  Packed our rockers into a rental and headed to the ACDC concert.


Us at Gillette Stadium (ew… do you know how hard sitting there is for a Steeler fan?) and me looking like a mad woman. Must pick better photographer in future.

Best weekend ever.  Well, that is what the thirteen year old said. I am pretty sure he didn’t stop smiling the entire time.  I think I have to agree that it was at least in the top 10.