I had to quit Facebook.  Today I read someone’s Facebook status about their child that made me doubt my own parenting and I decided I had to quit.  I had to stop having so many people to compare myself, my family, my life with.  Before social media, we didn’t have all of this fodder for comparison.  Moms didn’t know that Susie won an award, or all the moms got together for a night of pole dancing, or people attended six classes at the local gym unless those people told them….  in person, on the phone…  Heck, even via text. (Or in the infamous “Christmas Letter.” *shudder* Facebook may actually BE the modern day Christmas letter.)  It took a longer time to decide that you had failed as a parent, had been left out of the it crowd, or were woefully out of shape.  The good old days.

Anyway, if you know me, you know this is HUGE.  I have quite the Facebook life. I have been cultivating it for, according to the Timehop app, over seven years. I have lots of “friends” and lots of sites that I “follow.”  And I care about those friends and bloggers.  I care too much.  So, today I created a new account because I have a running club that I coordinate through a Facebook group that I am not willing to let go, assigned my new identity as administrator, and logged out of my original Facebook account.  I didn’t deactivate after determining that I can still get private messages from my old Facebook friends through the chat app/messaging which is intentional connection, not passive.  I hope to spend at least the month of December intentionally talking to people because I want to one on one and not in the group setting of a Facebook post.  Learning that Susie won an award because #1 comes home and tells me. Going out with the ladies that want to include me.  And finding out that you have been at the gym because I saw you there….  in person and you look hot from your efforts.

It is a day that my husband never thought would come and probably won’t believe will stick. It has only been a few hours and I am feeling pretty lonely.  Probably why I wrote this post.   We will see how this experiment goes.  I will let the five people who read me know.

Oh, and if you want to talk to me on Facebook I can be found with the ladies of Denver, NC Moms RUN This Town.  Come join me!