I feel the need to explain some things about my Facebook departure. Partial departure, I suppose, because I do still have an account.  I just have  a very select number of friends there and am the member of three Facebook groups.  One with only those select friends as members (easier to talk without having to go through the hell of group texts), one is for the promotion of Operation Christmas Child, and the other is the Denver, NC Chapter of Moms RUN This Town.  Oh, yes, and now both of me owns the “These Three Things” page. Those are important to me.  I may find as the days go by without my 900 plus Facebook friends profile that more things are important to me.  Only time will tell.

I by no means are saying that those 900 plus Facebook friends are not important to me because they are.  I actually am and was invested in a lot of their stories.  The stories of those that I see regularly, the ones I haven’t seen since childhood, and the ones I have never laid eyes on in my life.  Their stories are important and I care, but I needed to start prioritizing the most important things in my life and my boys, my husband and I  happen to be those things.

I also want to say that whatever it was that the person wrote that was the catalyst to me logging off of that account was NOT wrong.  I have written the posts just like it hundreds of times over the last seven years.  There is nothing wrong with joyous posts about our accomplishments. If we do not toot our own horns, who will?  It brings great happiness to this world to BE happy about what happens to us and I WANT you to keep doing it! What was wrong was my reaction to it. The sinking feeling in my stomach was wrong.  The feeling that I was less than enough was wrong.  The feeling that no matter how hard I tried I could not be good enough was wrong.  And it has happened to me increasingly over the past year or so. (Hey, Scandal watchers…  I totally just wrote that like the writers would have…  Olivia does that repeating thing ALL THE TIME.)  There is nothing inherently bad about Facebook (except that they are doing a gigantic sociology experiment and mind screwing all of us… but I digress…) or the people that use it.  There is something bad when something that I do regularly causes pain and not joy and that is all on me.

So, with that, I hope that the departure is explained.  Some have said they want me to blog more.  Perhaps this will give more time for that.