The struggle is real…  this Facebook withdrawl.  Here are the statuses that were not yesterday.

Check in at Lake Norman Charter School with “Let’s go take the SAT.”

I really dislike that song by Selena Gomez, “I Wanna Look Good For You?”  WTF, Selena?  I really wanted to like you.

SAT is going to go well.  Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” started right when #1 closed the car door to walk in to the building…  Wait…  that could go either way.

Beck…  What IS “Loser” about?   I really need to go read the lyrics of that song.

^And all those were before 8 am^

Check in at Everest Grill.

Vance Joy “Dancing in the Dark.” Bruce should do it that way and I might like it.

Acoustic Pink “Perfect” seems like serendipity.

Check in at Hilton Center City with corresponding photo of Time Warner Arena. Fancy.


Check in at Time Warner Cable with “Let’s go see the Piano Man!” (Of course with the corresponding pictures.  


Wow, Billy is really digging deep tonight.  Lots of old stuff you don’t hear often.

I think best Billy Joel concert of the three we have been to.

Scott won’t let me go to Whiskey River.  What a party pooper. (This one I would not have posted on Facebook, actually. It was his best decision of the night.) 

So there you have it…  what you missed because I don’t do Facebook anymore.  I do, however, have a WordPress app.