Not that I want to feed the dragon of Facebook addiction, but here is what you missed the last couple of days because I am not on Facebook but do have a WordPress app.


Darn.  Friend was at the Billy Joel concert last night.  Thanks to my new self ban from FB I didn’t know until this morning.  There is one in the minus column.  (I bet she would have gone to Whiskey River with me.  She would have ridden the bull for that matter.)

#2 is on his computer mixing Adele’s Hello with the Muslim call to prayer… and a Joseph Goebbles speech… *sigh* This he posted on the fan website he made for his world history teacher… he is either getting kicked out of school or picked up by the FBI.

Placed my first Walmart Grocery order and evaluated my life based on the step that said “items purchased on orders similar to yours.”  Hmmmm….

#herewego #steelernation and all the other posts that come with a Steelers football game.


Antonio Brown’s goal post hug

Apparently, #2 has decided he is going to join the WWE (he has never watched wrestling).  After being told he needs to go to the gym and bulk up he said that #1 should join the WWE as a wrestler and he would be his manager.  Who were/are your favorite wrestlers?  Did they have a manager?

Picked up my first Walmart Grocery order today at the Denver, NC Walmart!  BEST.SERVICE.EVER.  Here is your tip of the day: Make sure they know it is your first time using the service.  You will get a welcome gift with all kinds of goodies in it!

Sixty some blog unfinished posts in the drafts folder… Several about Operation Christmas Child…  Uh oh.  All my OCC pictures are trapped with the old me.  Oops.

It’s 2:43 pm. I am sitting this far away from the lower school. Do all these people sit in line for 20+ minutes every day?












Dinner tonight – Blue Apron pork chops and apple mostarda (whatever that is) with roasted sweet potato, toaster walnut and blue cheese salad.

Check in watching How To Get Away With Murder.


4 hours in a coffee shop with a new found friend.  Doing what?  TALKING.  With our VOICES. Looking at each other EYE TO EYE.

Since Lincoln Charter School is grades k-12 basically under one roof, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a parent mentoring program?  If you don’t know the questions to ask, how do you ask those questions.

“Facebook Friday…”  New concept that came from the 4 hour coffee with the new friend.  Not ON Facebook…  IN PERSON…  Face to Face Book?  See you at Cabbella’s Coffee Shop on Friday, December 18th after school drop off…  (That is 8 am, by the way.)