Monday: Steamed chicken and veggies.  I happen to have a Butterball indoor turkey fryer that gets used twice, maybe three times, a year.  It makes awesome steamed foods (chicken, shrimp, vegetables) in addition to fried food though so I am at least going to try to use it a few more times in 2016.  Click here for the recipe for the steamed chicken. Use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce to make it paleo and serve it with cauliflower rice instead of rice. I doubt I will make the sauce as it looks like oyster sauce has sugar in it, but I will find something to sauce it up with it.    I will make extra chicken for putting on top of salads and for chicken salad lunches this week.

Tuesday:  Persian-Spiced Winter Vegetable Soup from the Well Fed 2 cookbook.  #3 is getting braces on Tuesday so I thought I would be nice and make soup for him.  This is otherwise known as “pasta” for #1…  there is no way he is eating this, so he will make his own pasta.  Those are the rules.  #2?  Its a crap shoot whether he will eat the soup or not.  We will have a salad with this soup and maybe toss some browned ground beef into the soup for our protein.

Wednesday:  Provided I don’t get talked into going to our usual Wednesday night dinner place it will be Moroccan meatballs again from the author of the Well Fed cookbooks.  We will have lemon spinach as a side.

Thursday: Some kind of fish.  Not sure yet.  Probably will grab some Salmon and just bake it and have it with a salad.

I don’t plan meals for the weekends, so that is it for our first week in 2016.  Now to get all the ingredients into the Walmart grocery list so I can just go and pick it all up tomorrow and hope I didn’t miss anything!

Have you planned your meals for the coming week?  I have to admit it does feel so good to have a plan!