Monday: Cincinnati Chili from Well Fed/Mel Joulwan.  She is my go to person for paleo recipes.  I usually make her Chocolate Chili but saw she had another recipe and I want to try it out.  We will eat this with either zucchini noodles and/or baked sweet potatoes.

Tuesday: Cracklin Chicken from Nom Nom Paleo.  My kids LOVE this chicken.  It makes a mess so get a splatter guard.  I like to eat the left overs over a salad for lunches. I will do some baked potato wedges and steamed broccoli with this. (There is controversy over whether white potatoes are really paleo.  Because they are acceptable for Whole 30, I think they are just fine for us.)

Wednesday: Meatza again from Well Fed.  When I first saw this recipe I wrinkled my nose at it.  I could not imagine it would be good, but Scott and I were in a full blown “Whole 30” and I was up for trying any recipe if it followed the rules of the plan.  We were surprised when we realized IT WAS GOOD.   I will grab a couple of Biboli pizza crusts for the boys to make their own pizzas.

Thursday:  Last week I said I was going to make some kind of fish on Thursday.  I ran by the grocery store to see what was on sale and there really was not any that was a deal.  Pork loins were on sale so I bought that and baked it with some potato wedges.  It was so EASY.  So I think knowing that I have 3 meals planned, maybe I will fly by the seat of my pants again this week.  Tentatively, we will be having some kind of fish.

Friday: Whomever wins our football picks for the week chooses our Friday night meal…  #2 won and is threatening McDonald’s.  This won’t happen.  He has much more sophisticated pallet than that.

What’s on your menu for the week?