Day one was a crazy day.   It started at 5:00 am with my new foray into Burn Boot Camp.  I signed up for a month membership there with their Commit 2 Fit Challenge. I had attended boot camps at BBC when the Denver, NC location opened in 2014 and I love the workout…  the “burn…” but I just won’t give up my traditional gym membership at LKN Athletic Club because, as a runner, I love to know that I have a treadmill (that is not in my house) available for use at all hours. Now, in addition, I have a sixteen year old son who has been lifting heavy things in the gym lately.  I also will not give up my ballet class at Dance Davidson.  Adding the cost of BBC to that “Angela’s fitness” budgetary line item… I just couldn’t justify it. I could, however, justify the low cost of the challenge.  We will see if I get hooked like all the other campers in my life.  Then we can talk cost again. 😉

After that I did all my shopping for the week.  Maybe I did.  All I know is that I was in the grocery store forever. Lesson learned…  planning happens next weekend with a Walmart pickup scheduled for Monday morning!

Then….  what happened?  Hair cut at David’s Salon by the fabulous Kathy Magnanti.

THEN came the herding of cats…  The first session of Spring Running Club at the kids’ school.  34 kids.  Fortunately, over the past months a new park has been built across the street from the school and we get to use a beautiful half mile track around it for our running…  This also means, since we are no longer running a 0.15 mile loop around their school building we can better track the miles they run.  Yesterday our club ran approximately 80 miles.  How awesome is that?  I am so glad that I have a friend who was willing to take the challenge of starting our club with me in 2013.  I cannot believe that it is already our 4th spring season. What an experience it has been!  I complain some and get totally worn out on club days, but I would not miss it!

Then it was on to a school board meeting where my oldest son and a group of 9 other pretty darn bright kids presented to the board about a trip they took in March to Princeton.

I made Jambalya and, personally, I thought it was pretty bad.  I dumped my bowl and ate a boiled egg.

And that is my recap for Day 1.