Woke up wanting to sleep much longer. Sleep without all the junk in your system is SO MUCH BETTER.  I think I woke up once during the night and went right back to sleep…  no obsessing over things that could not be taken care of at 2 am.  Goodness, I love to sleep. The rest of the day I think my body was still wanting to be asleep…

Tuesday is Ballet day at Dance Davidson.  I had decided that would be my exercise for the day and that BBC would just have to go along with out me.  It was “Challenge Day #1.”  That meant as many burpees as you could do in 10 minutes and your longest wall sit. My thinking was “Do I really care if I can do more burpees at the end of the month than I san do now?  Is this really a measure that means anything to me?” Then all the BBC cult members started sharing their numbers on Facebook and it got ME curious about what I could do. So after much mental debate on the way home from Davidson this is what I knocked out…


Commit 2 Fit Challenge 1

I will admit to being pleasantly surprised with the burpee number.  We do need to put the disclaimer on here that those burpees did not include a push up in the middle.  Had that been the case, I am pretty sure it would have been… oh… 2.  I was not sure what the outcome of the wall sit would be and certainly give myself lots of grace for 2:00 after a 90 minute ballet class.

Cracklin’ Chicken, steamed broccoli, and baked potato wedges for dinner.

/end day2.