Is it already day 3?

Woke up surprisingly easily. Drank some crazy concoction of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and water.  There was supposed to be some honey in it but I opted not to add it…  Whole 30 in progress and all… 5 am Burn Boot Camp…  Commit2Fit… arms…  ouch. Give me some squats and lunges and running through the parking lot over push ups or anything else above the belt any day. Trying to figure out if this Billy Haynes character ever stops being nice…  waiting for the him to drop the hammer on me assuming I am being wimpy with my little 12 pound weights.  It’s going to happen next week, isn’t it? He can’t possibly stay this nice forever, right? But, no…  I ask veteran campers and they all insist…  this is how this guy is.  He is just nice.  Damnit.  So I have to put “Trainer/OWNER all around nice guy” in the pro column for my decision making about continuing this nonsense. This little experiment is totally going to cost me more money.

Another thing I forgot I will not give up…  Deep Stretch for Athletes at Melting Point Yoga.  75 minutes with Lindsay will fix all your running woes.  Ok, not really.  I do credit deep stretch for curing my runners knee. (knock on wood) Even if it does not actually solve all your problems, it will lessen them and help to prevent more.  Lindsay says that aches and pains just mean you are living…  Better to burn out than fade away. I can live with that. Today I could definitely tell that I had not been in two weeks, had run and walked at the beach last week with little to no stretching afterward, and had taken several boot camp sessions without any deep stretch for recovery.


Lunch…  Salad – I make a gigantic bowl at the beginning of the week.  I put left over Cracklin’ Chicken in it for protien.  Olives and almonds for fat. Balsamic vinegar for dressing.  I am a little addicted to balsamic.

Day 2 Running Club!  Another great day.  Several moms came out to run.  And I completed my Burn Boot Camp Challenge – Run a mile with your friends/family.


Dinner hamburger with portobello mushroom caps as the bun.  If you have not done that before and want to go grain free, DO IT!  So good!  Also had baked sweet potato and cole slaw ) made with homemade mayo.

“Kill all things” hit about 8 pm.  I hope that part ends soon.

And that is the recap for day 3.