Weekend is here…. This is where my struggle comes. We have weekend routines that make following Whole 30 hard – Scott is generally in charge of weekend meals, we go out, it’s a great time to go to Total Wine and look and purchase (and drink from) all the pretty bottles, to the movies and eat all the popcorn, etc. We feel like we have worked hard all week we should treat ourselves on the weekend. We should, but treating ourselves with foods/drinks that cause us to feel bad is a habit we have created. Why not treat ourselves with things that are fuel for our bodies and souls? I know when I go to bed on Sunday night and have had a successful Whole 30 weekend and have reenergized with things that are good for me I do feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel stronger physically and mentally.

What will you do to nourish your body and souls this weekend that is stays true to your Whole 30 commitment?