Sleep was fabulous last night.  That is one of the things that should sell one on the Whole 30 and convince them to keep the junk out of the pantry.  It doesn’t and we fall back into our old ways, but for many of the 30 days sleep is your friend…  and I love to sleep.  I am good at it.  I like to practice!

Burn Boot Camp…  Commit 2 Fit…  Leg day??  What?  After more jump squats than I want to ever do again?  And the warm up is what? Squats?  WTF?  Then when we get to the actual work out it is running and then doing “pick ups?”  Do you know what “pick ups” are????  you guessed it….  SQUATS where you act like you are picking up something off the ground…  you don’t fool me, Billy Haynes…  you evil man.  Then let’s finish with a partner… While your partner is sprinting up a hill while we do what?  SQUAT???  OK…  so I now either need a catheter, a diaper, or elevated toilets.  It seriously hurts to sit and to stand and anything in between. I think that solidifies my resolve to take a rest day tomorrow.

Coffee with some friends.  According to one of the attendee’s recount of the morning “No insurrection was planned.”  I am not sure if that is good or bad.  I sometimes like to be in the middle of a good insurrection.

It was kind of a lazy day. Thanks quads that screamed unless I was being very still. Nothing was appealing for dinner and I did not want to cook so I told Scott to get he and the boys whatever, I would eat odds and ends from the left overs. He got Italian. 

Bedtime was again early but it was a successful Whole 30 day none the less.

 /end day 5