Wonderful 5 mile run with ladies from Denver, NC Moms RUN This Town.  It was cold and we all started off crabby but that passed early in the run and we all ended up being happy we got out of bed early on a cold Sunday morning.

Happily had lunch out with my husband today.  Hickory Tavern.  Oysters on the half shell and make your own salad.  Would have preferred it with the Hop Drop n Roll he had, but it’s only 23 more days until I can… and I question if I will really even want it.

Menu for next week. Really don’t want to spend forever in the grocery store then go back every day like I did week one.


Monday: Kalua pig, cole slaw, potato wedges, maybe cilantro lime cucumber salad since I already have all the ingredients and never use all my cilantro before it goes bad. (the boys will eat them as sliders)

Tuesday: Clam Chowder – recipe by my mom.  It’s kind of dump everything in.  If you want an idea of the recipe let me know.  #3 will actually make it. The oldest boy will make pasta.   #2 it’s a toss up whether he will eat it or not.  He usually likes to get just the broth and dip sour dough bread in it.)

Wednesday: Chicken and gravy, green beans, baked sweet potato (did you know these turn out perfectly in a crock pot?)

Thursday: Not sure. We are going to Mumford and Sons concert so it may be dinner out.

Friday: It will just be me and the boys so I will probably eat whatever is left over.

Still feeling good about this Whole 30. Much less brain fog. Much more energy even though days 6 and 7 are supposed to be days you just want to sleep.

See ya, day 7!