As a real estate professional with a blog I am supposed to post content that is useful to my readers.  Today I was skimming through Facebook and saw lots of posts asking for recommendations so I thought I would provide some of this information here on the blog….

Recommendations for car inspection place in Denver (that is quick and no appointment)??

My personal recommendation what used to be Clark Tire, but is apparently now Mr. Tire. We have been taking our own cars to Clark Tire for many, many years and I do tend to be loyal, sometimes to my own detriment, but Tim takes good care of us and I have never had any reason to believe they are anything but honest with us.  You probably should make an appointment, have me pick you up for coffee at Cabbella’s, and I will take you back when your car is done. (Only half kidding) But I have also gone in without an appointment and have gotten in and out in a reasonable amount of time.  They have wifi and something that might be coffee.

Address: 357 Hwy 16 N, Denver, NC 28037

Phone: (704) 483-1500

Another recommendation is Meineke.  Meineke is owned by a computer teacher that the boys used to have. Had Meineke been around before I had pledged my allegiance to Mr. Tire (Formerly Clark Tire), I am sure that would be my place of choice for car inspections.  If you go in you might want to wear some Clemson orange…  “Mrs. Hugs,” as the computer teacher liked to be called when teaching, is an alum and huge fan. If you made an appointment there then I would also consider picking you up and going to coffee while you wait for your inspection to be done.

Address: 7270 NC Highway 73, Denver, NC 28037

Phone: (704) 951-4703

Third recommendation that was given a favorable review was Pit Stop Plus.  Locally owned and operated, which is always a plus in my book.  Again, the offer for coffee while you wait is open.  I have never used Pit Stop Plus, but would love to hear about experiences the rest of you have had.

Address: 3588 N Highway 16, Denver, NC 28037

Phone: (704) 489-1441


Highway 16 Auto Repair also made the list of recommendations.   Another one that I have not had any experience with, but would like to hear about yours.

Address: 1713 N Hwy 16, Denver, NC 28037

Phone: (704) 966-1371

Do you have any other recommendations for places for car inspections in the Denver, NC area?  Are they in good proximity to a coffee shop?